Jesus absolutely loves kids! One day when his disciples were telling families to go away and not bother him, Jesus interrupted boldly to urge them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these!” (Mark 10:14) In a first-century culture that often overlooked children as being unimportant or insignificant, Jesus lifted them up as the focal point of God’s perfect love and He welcomed them to come near! 


We know Jesus loves and values children! In fact, children have been at the center of our St. John family vision even long before our school outreach mission began in 1942. All to say, how amazing it is to see Jesus continuing to welcome more and more children all these years later, raising them up with excellence mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually through the sharing of God’s Word and His love for each of them! 


...an invitation to prayerfully trust the Lord and boldly invest our lives and financial resources over the next two years, (over and above our regular ongoing giving) to impact our community through our school ministry both today and for eternity.


…is to have 100% engagement in this initiative. 

Every individual. Every church family. Every school family. Every child. Everyone! As an incredible opportunity to step out and grow deeper in our faith and trust in our Savior through His Word, how could we aim for anything less? 


…is to raise $5.4 million or more for Phase 2 expansion and renovations. 

This represents a target goal for our church and school based on a feasibility study and discussions with our financial experts. With the overall cost of the project estimated between $10-11 million, the more we raise, the easier the decision, and the less we’d need to finance to move forward. 

One In Jesus ... Reaching Many!

St. John Lutheran Church & School is not and has never been just a building, but rather is made up of people redeemed by Jesus—people who gather frequently to worship, grow, serve and simply do life together in response to what He has done. We are a family community of people who care for one another in the face of tragedy and laugh with one another in celebration. We are made up of forgiven and growing people…not perfect people. And we have a passion to share that forgiveness with everyone.

We are so grateful that Jesus is having His way with us more and more and together we are becoming the kind of church and school community that welcomes everyone into our family. It is a direct answer to Jesus’ prayer that forms our mission together from John 17:20-23 or as we like to say it,

One in Jesus…Reaching Many!